A little about me

I am a full-time dreamer on a journey with the clouds in my mind, leading me the way to inspiration and creativity.

Every grammar or spelling mistake is made with love, since english is not my mothertongue. So grateful that this doesn’t bother you from sticking with me, you truly are amazing! Now get your cookie and your cup of coffee ready. Seating comfortably? Alright, then let’s get to know each other. Hi!

When I was a child, I dreamed my life away. I dreamed I could fly, I dreamed I had magical powers, I dreamed about writing a book one day, one that would be full of these amazing adventures that my head created for me.

Then, flash forward to when I was in high-school: Our teacher decided to compliment each and every student with a statement about how he perceived us to be, after getting to know each other on a week long ski trip in the alps. If I remember correctly, it was more or less addressed for our parents in the end. The statement about myself was: Daydreamer. I could have taken this as a compliment, but I took this in a very strange way. I saw it as something not outstanding, something that is more of a disadvantage than something like “easygoing” or “makes friends easily”. In my mind there was this rule: In order to thrive, you must be extraverted. Sounds about right? Of course it doesn’t, but this is what I believed at that time, when observing all the cool kids in high-school. It was only representing that inner judment of mine so deeply. Then something else happened: I got bad grades in German, indicating I might not be good in writing. Of course now in hindsight, it wasn’t indicating that at all, but this is what I believed to be true. And for a long time, this dreamer in me stopped being that playful. I judged myself a lot for being in my head, what a waste of time to be excited about the little things you see in life. Horrible as this sounds I belived this for a long time. And my reaction to the card was only the last bit of water, that flooded all my thoughts with judgement over myself.

“There is more. There is more to this life. There is something waiting for you.”

It wasn’t until a few years ago, that these dreamy clouds in my head slowly came back. The feeling I am on a wrong path, that there was something missing. That tere is more, more to this life than what I was living. Something was convinced, that there is something waiting me. Around that time, there was the moment when something hit myself pretty hard: My husband and I suffered from an early miscarriage. I decided to reorder my life: What is it that I truly, from the bottom of my heart, want? So, I quit my job and started a PhD in Educational Science, because I thought that everything was pointing into that direction. That this was the voices plan. I was content for about a year, but slowly the voice was getting louder again.  Until it was screaming in full clarity and in repeat: Write, create, paint, write, create. Which was the moment when I decided to take a leap of faith in that gut feeling: I quit my job to focus on creating, only taking part-time jobs from then on. Following my dreams, following that gut feeling, these clouds, this daydreaming wonder and living my voice authentically. The miscarriage was a turning point – and I am now in hindsight very grateful for it. And one day, that dream will be fullfilled, too, I am sure of that!

Time travel back to the present moment. I am writing this from my sofa, with my blue greenish cup of cappucino on the wood table, looking outside the big window and observing the birds. So what now, you may ask? I really want to be that woman that would have inspired my younger self to go out and play fully. I want to take you on the journey, giving you a glimpse of the ups and downs of following your dreams. I am dedicated to show you, that your journey can begin, too. I mean, if I can, you can too, right? So for you and for all the little dreamers out there, these dreams, the real-life pixie dust and hopefully inspirations are for me and mostly for you.

The feeling that there is something still waiting for me, is still here. Which is why I have this dream of becoming an author. I am currently writing a book and illustrating for another one.

“I’m going to be that woman that would have inspired my younger self to go out and play fully showing that being a dreamer is throwing real-life pixie dust into the every day life.”

Dreamer Daydreaming

I am Bettina, living close to crystal blue lakes in Switzerland. The words that come out of my mouth are mostly in French because my husband, that I met in Norway, is from the magnifique et belle region that is the South of France. Soon we will have a vacation house there, but that is another story.

You are so welcomed here! I am beyond grateful that I can share these mostly beautiful and sometimes pretty stormy clouds. Let’s meet up above in my clouds, shall we? Ready to fly with me? One, two, three…

Much love and pixie-dust to you my friend,


Of dreams, inspirations and real-life pixie dust.

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