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The difference a closed path can make

See that lake? Beautful, isn’t it? Yet, when we decided to go out and hike, we didn’t want to come to this lake at first. Our initial plan to go to the Obersee had to be canceled because the road to the lake was unexpectedly closed. Fortunately! When we ended up here, we realized that almost exactly a year ago, we visited this wonderland for the first time.

We have a video recording of that first visit. We layed out our plans for the future, wishing that looking back to this day we would say: And that’s when our adventures all started. We took the time to reflect on what we want to achieve, naively thinking that things will all go back to normal. Oh boy, we were so wrong. And with time came the realization and shifts were to be made. I know now, that this was for the better. In the end, the plan just got a new frame. We wanted to visit countries and their different educational systems all over the world for several months. Documenting, exploring and learning. The plan was that I finish my PhD and we would be leaving immediately afterwards. Ha,… Yeah… That changed by far.

What’s funny is, that the energy we had a year ago, is still there. Somehow this place’s frequency is so high, you can feel it will all turn out for good. Can you imagine we were again talking about plans for the future, what we want to do and how we believe it will work. Just differently. With new insights and a little reality check to our current situation. So traveling to other countries and seeing different education systems isn’t off the table, but it has to share the table with other plans.

“Reframing your situation is what matters the most. I am not an hopeless optimist, but I am tiredlessly hopeful.”

Planning on going out hiking and planning your life isn’t so different after all. Some roads are currently closed, will open up again on a different time. So you make adjustments. You realize that the path you took, wasn’t just a “second choice”, it turns out to be an even better one. In both situations however, what really matters isn’t the plan or the action. It is your reframing of the situation. I am not a hopeless optimist, but I am probably pretty tiredlessly hopeful. And where is hope, there is always something confirming, that the path you choose is the good one. It just has to be that way, and always will be.

I can imagine, that you needed and sometimes still need a good reframing of the current situation your in. Choose your frame wisely, it does make a difference. See the path that once was closed, opened up something totally new. Scary and unknown at first, but worth it in the end.

What difference did a closed path in your life make these past years? I designed something for you, if you want to hop on the category inspirations. You’ll find something, that hopefully gives you joy in reframing your situation.

Lots of love from my clouds to yours,


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