When dreams rise up from within

Do you remember when your dream first popped up in your mind? How all of a sudden you were filled with excitement and you knew exactly what you want to do? No? Great, I don’t either. And as amazing as this might be when it happens to some of us, I do believe that it doesn’t work that way for the most of us. No bells ringing, nor a choir singing quietly in the background in a heavenly manner. Yet, there are many cues along the way to what your dream might grow into, when you throw yourself in an ocean of experiences. And your dream might get bigger with every single time you learn something new. Imagine it like a little cute fluffy and colourful creature in your head, that gets bigger with every growth in your mind and soul through learning, failing and trying things out. Sometimes it can starve as well, but that is another story.

I imagine a dream as a fluffy creature that only reveals its true colours, when it gets fed with new experiences. And once it is fed, it becomes the most beautful creature, ready to take on the world.

There are some moments in my life, where my dream creature was thinking – sorry, rather screaming – ‘I need more of that’. Care to travel back with me to the first moment and cue of my dream arrising within me? Let’s go: We’re back in primary school and we see young and curious Bettina, giving her best to be that well-behaved girl. The teacher asked the class to write in a journal for a while at home. The class had just learned how to write – and how thankful I am for this woman, showing us the real deal about writing. I wrote tons of stories in my journal and doodled way too many things. I was writing about how I felt, when a boy of our class got rolled over by a tractor (he didn’t die, but it was giving me a new perspective on things at a young age), about having the best time with my friends from school. Strangely, writing itself wasn’t what I loved most about it though. It was this mind-blowing moment some years later, when I sat on my chair at home, pulling out this old journal of realizing months after: “Whaaat, this is what I thought back at that moment?” Thoughts that I totally forgot about. Incredible! So I decided from then on, that documenting my thoughts is what I want to do. Now, I can say that I have so many journals lying around at my home. And the best part? I see myself growing through all of these books. When I buy a journal these days, I often think about the empty pages. I touch them and wonder, what story will there be written on them? It feels like imagining the future.

Yet, my dream creature wasn’t screaming: You are going to be a writer! It was just asking loudly: “I need more of that.”. Since then, I keep doing things were I get all these signs of my body to do more of that. And it all grew somehow into this dream. Not because I am doing things perfectly, but because there are signs were I feel alive, when doing what I do.

How do these moments grow into a dream then? I believe it’s an accumulation of experiences, where your body and mind feel that you consistently go into flow states. And you learn from these experiences, that this is what you want to be doing. Some dreams might come only from observing, but you still have that bodily reaction to it, creating something special within you. Like an alignement, something that really kicks you at the bottom of your heart.

And sometimes there is no foundation in your dream yet. Only something that grows within you, with every positive body reaction that you have. Meaning, that you still have to figure out how to share that thing with the world. That’s ok, and that is so very much part of the process, too.

The arrising of the dream is the part, that will feel deeply joyful, with an extreme amount of hope. You are on the verge of creating something that gives you meaning, whatever that might be. And in my opinion at least, this is the most joyful part of all. And once there is a meaning for you, it means something to the world. Not every moment on the path of making your dream come to life though will feel good, at least in my experience. I have so many situations, where I sit down and write and feel so empty afterwards. As if I’ve thrown all the energy out. No clue, what this is, but I imagine we give our all and suddenly are totally depleted, once we gave everything.

I wish you all the best in the uprising of your dream. May your body and mind connect and may you always feed your creature that is your dream in the making. Let this creature be fed and give your everything, to not let it go silent.

Deep dive into your own clouds, if you are on a search of your dream:

What gives you a feeling of alignment with your body and mind?

What gives you a feeling of vibration within yourself?

How can you integrate learning something new into your everyday life?

Keep up searching, you will end up finding something.

Unitl next time way up in the clouds,


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