A boat to take you to your dreams

When you always doubt about your capacities and suddenly you are asked to do what you are not sure you are good at, you have two options: Talk yourself out of it or contribute and get over your fear. I stood in between these two options when I got asked to create a painting for a newborn. That’s all they wanted as a gift, just a painting. There is something so incredible happening when you have people around you, that do believe in you and what you do. You start seeing it, little by little. Even though the anxiety of not being good enough stays, to be fully honest. So obviously, I choose the second option.

At first didn’t start painting for a while. I wanted to, but I just couldn’t see what I could possibly paint. Seriously, what I could, literally. And what message would I want to hend over to a new soul, entering this world? Then I thought about that song, that has so much soul, so much wisdom about this life in it, that I could cry every time listenig to it. Perfect for a newborn I’d say! I’ve found the voice I was longing to here. And I started to paint and listen to the song over and over again.

The song goes like this:

“There is a boat that takes you to the land of dreams, where it’s warm and the sky is beyond marvelous. Where the people sow millions of seeds of joy at the places of hatred. As a young child someone said to me that they take away your chains there. You’re being given a sort of life in that land, without throwing you into the arena, as they do here on earth after nine months only.

So without hesitating I jumped in the sea, to join the boat and finally see that land. There was so much light I had to close my eyes and yet the scent was already fullfilling all my dreams.

There was a girl taking me by the hand and said ‘follow this adventure’. They say that even the ocean was envying her and the mountains where moving just to let her pass. She guided me far deep into the land of dreams, with her golden hair that already guided this way since years.
This way, your way, my way. This way…

Finally arriving at these children’s dreams, which aren’t limited as they are of today,
I saw dolphins swimming in a sky of cotton, where the flowers are flying and touching the horizon.

I just wanna be free in this way
Just wanna be free in my world.
Vivere per liberta.
Vivere nella liberta.’
(freely translated Pep’ s, Liberta)

It’s a song so moving, I recommend you to listen to it if you have some time for yourself.

When I look at the painting now as it is finished, I see the young soul entering the boat to his dreams. What I do see too though, is way too many flaws on the painting. I am proud that I finished it and how I entered the astrology sign into the sky. Yet there is so much that I can improve. That is the point of it all though, isn’t it? We overcome our fear, reflect on what just happened and then try it again, just better.

So if there is something, that you love to do, yet you are afraid of it. Go, do it! It might not be the best you’ve done, but you will get better. We will.

Have the best day from my cloud to yours,


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